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It's a Capricorn Barbie Give-Away!

Details about Barbie;

  • She is new in the box
  • She has long blond hair that is pulled back
  • Barbie wears hoop earrings and is adorned with bracelets.
  • Barbie's gown is long, black with silver and jeweled detailing
  • Her sleeves are faux fur
  • Capricorn is the zodiac signe for those born between December 22nd and January 19th
  • She sells for up to $35 on eBay
Before you enter this Give-Away
  • Make sure that you have read my rules
  • You need to reside in the continental US, since I'm paying for the shipping.
  • Barbie will be shipped 2-3 day USPS mail.
  • Comment here and on the widget. What is an good inspirational topic (besides giving away free stuff).

Contest ends on December 1st. I will e-mail the winner. If the e-mail is not confirmed within 2 days, I will award the prize to someone else. This will be a random draw

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