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Trailer found, no chocolate

With a stolen semitrailer now recovered, police in Indiana and nearby states are on the lookout for the missing cargo, a whopping 20 tons of chocolate.

The trailer, recovered in Gary, was empty. The truck driver was fired.

Police notified authorities in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio to be on alert for any usual amounts of chocolate they might run into.

The trailer was parked at a truckstop outside Michigan City. When the driver returned to his rig early the next day to deliver the Hershey's products to Wisconsin, the trailer had vanished.

The driver violated company policy by leaving the trailer unattended. He has landed another truck-driving job.

"I just pray for people who steal like that. Maybe God will deal with them," The driver said.

Police located the trailer in a field at the Indiana Toll Road and Interstate 65 interchange.


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