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I recently became a contributor to the team at Succcessful Blogging.
My niche is hobby blogging.
Yes, the love for chocolate is my hobby.

How to get started on your hobby blog.

I love chocolate.
That is a fact.

I turned my love for chocolate into my blogsite, Chocoholics Diary.

I started my blog just for fun. It certainly is not my day job but, with small bits of advertising I am able to pay for the domain name chocoholicsdiary.com. I also earn a few extra dollars which make the rewards even better.

If you are seriously considering starting a hobby based blog here are a few things to consider;

  • Are there any similar blogs?
  • What will your niche be?
  • What makes you any kind of an authority?
  • What will your site consist of?
  • Do you have any kind of a potential reader base?
  • Where will your material come from?
In my case, yes, there are similar blogs. All I had to do was a Google Blog search on chocolate and an array of blogs popped up. Were there too many to make mine any kind of a success? Probably not.

My niche is that I offer recipes, news, and facts about chocolate. Kind of like a knowledge base for chocolate.

My authority is that I've eaten plenty of chocolate in my lifetime. Because of my love for the product, I have no problem doing the research.

My site consists of news, embedded items, and recipes for chocolate related items.

My reader base was totally picked up after I started the blog and people randomly visited it.
A lot of the time, the information that I provide is the kind of information that people are in search of.

My information comes from a variety of places. When I do a facts post I consult research authorities. Recipes are found from recipe sources.

Starting a hobby blog is not hard to do. You must put some thought into it in order to maintain a direction and fulfill a niche. A lot of the time this is an ongoing process.

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Who am I?

My name is Anna.
I am a HUGE lover of Chocolate.
I eat it, I research it, and I live by it.

By day I am a dietician, ironically as it may seem.
By night, I am obsessed with the various aspects related to chocolate.

A Day Without Chocolate is like a day without Sunshine.


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