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Win a Chocolate Covered Hotel Room

Brooke Shields has unveiled a chocolate-covered hotel room that is up for grabs in a special Valentine's Day contest.
The contest rules say that the room, designed by interior designer Jonathan Adler, will be given for the weekend to the lucky person or guest who buys the winning Godiva Valentine's Day gift box, worth more than 25 dollars. The winning couple will be flown to New York, put up in the chocolate oasis in the Bryant Park Hotel, and allowed to munch their way through their room's headboard, chess set and even the chocolate mosaic-style wall.

Shields, whose mouth started watering the minute she entered the cocoa-smelling haven, also had some ideas as to what the winners would be doing in the room. "Chocolate, laughter and sex all release the same endorphins, so just imagine what's going to be going on in this suite," the New York Daily News quoted her as saying. "It's artistic. It's delicious. It makes me hungry just walking in the room," she added.

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