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Friday Friend and Follow


In case you haven't heard...Google is making some changes to friend connect.
You can read about it here on the Google Blog.
So...we're adding circles to the hop. Actually...you can hook up on a bout anything as long as you state what it is in your link.

~ Link to a post or an actual page that you are trying to boost.

~ Link NOT to a giveaway.Linking to a giveaway=Spam and will result in being deleted.

~ Link NOT to something spammy.

~ Can link to your hop.(no, I'm not going to delete your link to your post that also contains your hop)

~If you want something else,such as your twitter account, followed, please make a separate link for it. For example "@mytwitter" for the name and a direct link to your twitter for the link. Google circle, Google+,Alexa etc. are other great options (why not?0

~ Under 100 GFC Followers? Under 200 Twitter? Under 200 Facebook Page? Please add "low" next to your name so we know to help you out!

~ Thanks for the follow! :)

Have fun!


Unknown December 8, 2011 at 5:45 PM  

Thanks for the linky! I'm your newest follower and would love it if you could follow me back :)

If Only Life Could Be That Simple

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