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Tuesday F &F

Welcome to Tuesday Friend and Follow!- the fun hop to boost your friends, followers, and blog.

Tuesday Friend and Follow


How it Works

• On the linky below, enter your name and what you are linking to. For example, Posh-GFC, Mel-Twitter, Mel-Comments, Posh-Alexa.

• If you have more than one page to link to, go ahead and post them all separately.

• Linking to a giveaway post specifically is viewed as spam, and as such, will be deleted just as spam will.

• Under 100 GFC Followers? Under 200 Twitter? Under 200 Facebook Page likes? Under 50 in your circle? Please add "low" next to your name so we know to help you out!

• YES, you can link to your hop. You may want to add "linky" next to it.

• Make a goal to visit 5 others, like/friend them, and then leave a comment telling them hello.

• Looking for a little more Tuesday action? Check out Random Tuesday

•Looking for a little more Friday action?
Check us out for Aloha Friday- a popular Friday hop where you ask a question on your site and your visitors answer it. FUN!

Thank you do everyone who joins us every week! If you would like to add anything or make suggestions, please leave a comment.

Thanks for joining us!

Have fun!

Feel free to snag the code...


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