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Tempered Chocolate

Tempering is the process where the chocolate is slowly
heated and then slowly cooled. This allows the cocoa butter molecules to solidify making a better final product. If tempered properly, chocolate will become bright, crisp, and shiny. If done incorrectly tempered chocolate will produce results that are streaky and dull.

You will need to use a double broiler. It is also recommended that you break the chocolate up into smaller pieces. You will need to be aware of the temperature of your melting chocolate. Dark chocolate can be taken up to about 115 degrees F
and milk chocolate can be taken up to 110 degrees F.

Tempering happens when the chocolate is allowed to cool slowly while stirring. This will encourage the cocoa butter to arrange itself in a way that is particularly useful for making candy.

Overheating the chocolate will make the cocoa butter separate from the
cocoa solids. Indication that you're overheating the chocolate is either chocolate bloom in the hardened chocolate or out and out separation of cocoa butter in the chocolate soup.


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