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Health News about Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

Effects on cholesterol: Consumption of cocoa powder and/or dark chocolate helped lower oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol and raised HDL (good cholesterol) according to severla studies.

Anti-clotting activity: British researchers found that cocoa powder inhibited the platelet activity that causes blood clumping.

Blood pressure
: In one German study, participants with mild hypertension were given 3 oz. either of dark chocolate or white chocolate . After two weeks, blood pressure dropped in the dark-chocolate group and remained unchanged in the white chocolate group.

Help arterial stiffness: Greek researchers found that dark chocolate improved the flexibility of blood vessels in the hours immediately after consumption. This can mean that cocoa compounds could play a part in preventing the hardening of arteries that can lead to heart attacks.

Possibly the healthiest way to enjoy chocolate's delicious benefits according to one researcher, is to enjoy pure cocoa powder, consumed hot. Hot cocoa is said to release more antioxidants than when cold. A chocolate candy bar should contain a minimum 70% cocoa content for the best benefit.
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