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The Pasta-Chocolate Diet?

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions and diets, we thought we would 'inform' you about a couple of diets which promote chocolate. The reality of eating chocolate and losing weight at the same time is yet to be investigated.

The Pasta-Popcorn-Chocolate Diet basically focuses on Pastas , Pasta sauces ,Salads , Vegetables, Fresh fruit, Popcorn ,Chocolate, and Water (2 quarts per day).

The following items are to be avoided while on the Pasta-Popcorn-Chocolate Diet: Alcoholic beverages, Salt, Sugars (artificial sweeteners are okay), Oils, Oily fruits (avocados, olives, coconuts), High sugar fruits (raisins, figs, dates), Fried foods, Dairy products, Red meats, Nuts and seeds, and unauthorized snacks (chips, junk food, candies, cakes, pies, etc).

Consult your physician prior to starting this or any other diet.


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My name is Anna.
I am a HUGE lover of Chocolate.
I eat it, I research it, and I live by it.

By day I am a dietician, ironically as it may seem.
By night, I am obsessed with the various aspects related to chocolate.

A Day Without Chocolate is like a day without Sunshine.


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