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How to Temper chocolate

It is recommended that you temper chocolate so that after it has been melted it retains its gloss and hardens again without becoming chalky and white. The chalky and white look happens when the molecules of fat separate and form on top of the chocolate .

To temper chocolate, chop it into small pieces and then place it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time on high power until most of the chocolate is melted. Be very careful not to overheat it. The temperature of dark chocolate should be between 88 and 90 degrees F, slightly warmer than your bottom lip.

White and milk chocolates should be melted at a temperature approximately 2 degrees F less. Use an immersion blender or whisk to break up the lumps. As chocolate begins to set or crystallize along the side of the bowl. As it sets, mix those crystals into the melted chocolate to temper it. A glass bowl retains heat well and keeps the chocolate tempered longer.

You can also add small pieces of unmelted chocolate to melted chocolate. The amount of unmelted chocolate to be added depends on the temperature of the melted chocolate, but is usually 1/4 of the total amount. It is easiest to use an immersion blender for this or a whisk.


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