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  1. Made by mixing and grinding chocolate liquor with at least one dairy ingredient, such as milk, and one type of sweetener.
  2. Contains not less than 10 percent by weight of chocolate liquor and not less than 3.39 percent by weight of milkfat
  3. Contains chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, vanilla, milk solids, and lecithin.
  4. Milk chocolate must contain 10% chocolate liquor, 3.7% milk fats, and 12% milk solids.
  5. It contains less chocolate liquor than dark chocolate and therefore does not have as pronounced a chocolate flavor.
  6. The quality of milk chocolate varies from brand to brand with European brands usually of higher quality.
  7. The better brands contain a higher percentage of cocoa liquor.
  8. Look for brands that contain pure ingredients, no artificial flavorings.
  9. European milk chocolate generally contains condensed milk, whereas American and British milk chocolate contains a milk and sugar mixture.
  10. Should be smooth on the palate with no greasy after taste.

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