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Don't Feed your Dog Chocolate!

Yep, we have all heard this one before. This is just a reminder.
Here is why you should not serve your dog chocolate.

Chocolate contains thobromine, which is a stimulant found in the cocoa bean.

Symptoms of toxicity include vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, hyperactivity, increased heart rate, increased urination, muscle twitching, and muscle twitching.

All of these symptoms can eventually lead to hypothermia, seizures, and even death.

If your dog does eat chocolate, call your vet.


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My name is Anna.
I am a HUGE lover of Chocolate.
I eat it, I research it, and I live by it.

By day I am a dietician, ironically as it may seem.
By night, I am obsessed with the various aspects related to chocolate.

A Day Without Chocolate is like a day without Sunshine.


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