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Chocolate to fight flab!

Chocolate that can help to fight flab by suppressing the appetite could be on sale within two years.Scientists are using extracts from plant leaves and cereals to develop a technique that interferes with the digestive process and reduces hunger.

The project is seen as a way to improve the nutritional quality of convenience foods and would be a vital tool in tackling the obesity crisis.Health experts are convinced that additives can be put in foods that trigger a natural response telling the body it is full.The secret for sating the appetite is in a range of natural fatty molecules called galacto lipids found in cereals such as oats and most edible green leaves.The molecules slow down the breakdown of fat in the gut, allowing the residual fat to continue the digestive process to the small intestine.

It then stimulates the release of a hormone, known as cholecystokinin, that sends a message to the brain that the person has had enough to eat.

The technology is being pioneered by the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, eastern England, which is getting funding from the British Government's Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council.



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